How to write a successful Classified Ad

How to write a successful Classified Ad for AdsMinder ?

1.Keep your ad straightforward, concise and to the point.

2.No matter what you advertise, be it a product, service or an event, the content of your ad is the key to your success. It should generate responses from the highly interested leads.

3.AdsMinder suggests three simple rules guaranteed to turn your classified ad into a powerful advertising tool.

Rule 1: Your headline is your frontline. It should instantly capture readers attention. Web surfers look through ads with blazing speed and many ads compete for their attention. Your headline should stop the surfer in their tracks and click your link.

Rule 2: Body text of your ad - is the key factor to your success. Not only does it have to retain your visitor's attention but also to make them excited about the product or service that you advertise. They should be ready to buy before they reach your site.

Rule 3: Your ad should target potential customers, not just random traffic. You might get a lot of so-called "blind" traffic to your site but lots of hits don't necessarily mean sales leads and what you need is customers rather than visitors.

Remember: just one winning classified ad can bring a lot of revenues so don't let the success pass you buy - place an ad with AdsMinder today.

4.To increase your ad's visibility submit it using more than one category from AdsMinder special categories selection and improve your chances of success.

5.Place your classified ad into several different sections at to get more views and boost your sales.

6.AdsMinder is a proven, cost-effective way for you to advertise your business so use this to your advantage.

7.Classified Ad is the easiest way to test-drive your marketing strategy before fully implementing it at any given time.

8.Placing a Classified Ad at the AdsMinder portal is the sure way to achieve instant results and drive potential customers to your business.


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