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What makes us different from any other classified ad service provider on the web is the price! we offer rates that beat those of our competitors hands down, while providing premium service to our customers. When posting your ad, don't forget our Special Categories such as FRESH, PAVILION, HIGHLIGHTED and MEDIA. Placing your Classified Ad in a few of our Special Categories maximizes your Classified Ad exposure increasing your return on investment and taking advantage of our low rates. Below, we have outlined the benefits our customers can get by using our Extra Options and get inquiries - FAST.Classified Ads, placed into Special Categories get the additional exposure by appearing on the front page of www.AdsMinder.com


Featured Classified Ads is a Premium Ad Placement Service. Featured Classified Ads appear at the top of www.AdsMinder.com home page in Today's Featured Classified section. To increase your ad's visibility it is displayed randomly in different locations on the page every time it is accessed or refreshed. Placing your ad in the Featured Ads category says a lot about it, warranting the attention it deserves.


Signing up for our Fresh Classified Category will keep your ad being displayed in the Fresh Section for thirty days. Placing your ad into the Fresh Category allows you to reach maximum number of visitors. You want to be on top of things keep your ad at the top of our Fresh Category.


Placing your ad in the Highlight section is a perfect way to make your classified ad stand out! When you choose Highlight option your ad's headline appears in "Bold" outline, instantly attracting visitors and boosting your sales leads. When you post a new Classified Ad prominent display is crucial if you want it to start working the second it runs.


A picture is worth a thousand words! Studies have proven again and again that image in advertisement works better than text alone. Pavilion service allows you to add images to your ad and this is an offer you can't refuse.


Your video deserves a special spot! Be a producer, create your own reflection on the product. The most advanced way to advertise your product online. Place your Classified Ad in AdsMinder Media Category!