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Proven Classified Ad Industry leader. PlusMinder enables our clients to get acquainted with our Classified ads in a speedy, efficient manner. Visit our PlusMinder portal to get more information about the products and services we offer! see how our clients benefit from the system we developed to successfully advertise with AdsMinder. PlusMinder was put together by a team of seasoned marketing professionals and developers implementing all the greatest ideas of modern marketing to guide you through the steps of creating and posting a successful Classified Ad while informing you about all the benefits our special plans and categories have to offer.
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Our system has been developed with simplicity in mind so that both new and experienced users alike can navigate through the ad creation and posting process with ease. Straightforward and intuitive, AdsMinder Classified Ad creation system is an industry standard and our customers are enjoying its effortlessness and ease of use every step of the way. Help links invoke informative pop-ups that outline details of a particular pertaining service or product for our users. Granular help system provided by PlusMinder benefits our experienced users as well by streamlining content on ad posting and ad replying pages. To provide additional value to our customers we offer a list of selling tips that you can use to get your product or service out to the customer quickly and efficiently.

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